February 1, 2021

The Stack: One to watch -- Homomorphic Encryption Specialist Enveil

The article highlights how Enveil’s homomorphic encryption-powered solutions enable banks and other users securely search and collaborate across jurisdictions, while preserving privacy.

Excerpt: Plenty of people want to be entrepreneurs when they grow up. Dr. Ellison Anne Williams was no exception. Not quite so many take a route that involves twin Masters’ degrees in Set Theoretic Topology and Machine Learning (Neural Networks), a doctorate in Algebraic Combinatorics, and a career at the National Security Agency (NSA). Leaving the NSA after a 12- year career with a deep cryptography skillset, Williams is now running a business, as she says she wanted to as a child. (“I come from an entrepreneurial family; no technologists”.)

That business, “Enveil”, is category creator in a unique emerging category. We’re making it our third “one to watch”: a monthly feature that highlights an exciting technology startup.

Williams founded Enveil in 2016. She launched its first commercial product — which lets users operate on and search data while it is still encrypted — in 2018, and raised $10 million in a Series A in early 2020. (Early stage investors included 1843 CapitalBloomberg BetaCapital One Growth VenturesLondon’s C5 Capital, and Mastercard).

Homomorphic encryption: please don’t call it “magic”.

Enveil offers a brace of products built around homomorphic encryption: a form of encryption that lets you compute on and search data while it’s still encrypted. Sounds like magic (she winces); looks like mathematics.

Read the full article at The Stack.

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