ENVEIL Invited to Present at Morgan Stanley’s 17th Annual TechWeek and CTO Innovation Summit

Maryland Startup Demonstrates Unique Homomorphic Encryption Technology Alongside Top Emerging Companies in Silicon Valley

Fulton, MD – June 28, 2017 – ENVEIL, provider of the first scalable commercial solution to cryptographically secure Data in Use, participated in the 2017 Morgan Stanley TechWeek and CTO Innovation Summit in Palo Alto, CA on June 7-8, 2017. As one of Morgan Stanley’s invited innovative companies of interest, ENVEIL’s founder and CEO, Ellison Anne Williams, presented their revolutionary approach to encryption. The annual event brought together more than 150 leading technology executives to collaborate and explore innovative products and emerging trends with Morgan Stanley’s senior technologists.

“We were thrilled to be included at Morgan Stanley’s event for our innovative work in securing Data in Use,” said Williams. “ENVEIL has scaled this technology into a framework for the commercial industry that was previously not attainable. We are excited about the possibilities of closing this gap of data security within the financial sector.”

As malicious adversaries continue to develop new ways to breach and exploit financial organizations, measures must be taken to ensure that sensitive data is not decrypted at any point of its lifecycle. For this reason, it is imperative that financial institutions securely interact with their data, whether on premise or in the cloud, and keep sensitive data encrypted even when it is being used. Founded in September 2016, ENVEIL’s mission is to bring the same level of security that it enabled within the U.S. Intelligence Community to the commercial sector.

There are many products on the market that use encryption to secure data at rest or in transit, but these solutions leave a gap of exposure for Data in Use, which includes day to day interactions with data like searches and analytics. Typically, data must be decrypted prior to performing these operations, leaving it vulnerable to data leakage and those with malicious intent. ENVEIL’s technology secures Data in Use, allowing the data to remain encrypted during any processes applied to it. In the event of a breach, all data and the use of that data is protected, vastly reducing the impact of breaches.

The invite-only Morgan Stanley event featured a series of seminars that provided attendees with the opportunity to interact with experts and learn more about customer challenges. Williams presented the ENVEIL solution to attendees and Morgan Stanley’s tech leaders. Many CTO Innovation Summit participants go on to play a larger role in Morgan Stanley’s technology strategy and in the financial sector as a whole. More information about Morgan Stanley’s 2017 TechWeek and CTO Innovation Summit can be found here.


ENVEIL’s technology is the first scalable commercial solution to cryptographically secure Data in Use. Powered by homomorphic encryption, ENVEIL enables enterprises to operate on both encrypted and unencrypted data in the cloud, on prem, or anywhere in between without ever revealing the content or results of operations, such as searches and analytics. ENVEIL’s solution is applicable across large market verticals, including cloud security, financial services, healthcare and supply chain. Founded by a seasoned team of mathematicians and computer scientists from the U.S. Intelligence Community, ENVEIL was one of the winners at the 2017 RSA Innovation Sandbox competition. Learn more at https://www.enveil.com.



San Francisco, CA – February 13, 2017  Today, ENVEIL was named the runner-up in the RSA® Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest 2017 for its pioneering work in data security. ENVEIL, the youngest company to ever compete in the RSAC Innovation Sandbox, was selected to be in the top 10 finalists from a roster of over 300 startups and was awarded 2nd place for its innovations in securing data in use that could "fundamentally change the paradigm of securing storing and operating on data in the cloud". ENVEIL's presentation can be viewed here.


RSAC Innovation Sandbox FINALIST 2017.png

ENVEIL Recognized For Its Innovations in Data Security
Fulton, MD – January 17, 2017  Today, ENVEIL has been named one of 10 finalists for RSA® Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest 2017 for its pioneering work in data security. On Monday, February 13, 2017, ENVEIL will have the opportunity to showcase its information security technology to the Innovation Sandbox Contest panel of judges for a chance to be named “RSAC Most Innovative Startup 2017.”
The Innovation Sandbox Contest promotes new approaches to information security technology, provides advice and counsel for entrepreneurs, and exposes the RSA Conference community to venture capitalists, industry experts, senior level business practitioners, and thought leaders.
“It’s no secret that past winners of this honor have become successful additions to the information security industry, and there’s no doubt this year’s crop of finalists will produce another hit,” said Sandra Toms, vice president at RSA and curator of RSA Conference. “This event gives startups the kind of visibility and validation that can easily turn into high growth and increased funding, which we expect to continue with this year’s top 10.”

Powered by homomorphic encryption and founded by former NSAers, ENVEIL’s scalable framework lets enterprises operate on data (query/analytics) without revealing the content of the interaction, the results, or the data itself. ENVEIL is the first scalable commercial solution for securing data in use. 
“RSAC Most Innovative Startup 2017” will be determined at the conclusion of the Innovation Sandbox Contest after each finalist gives a short presentation to a panel of judges that includes Asheem Chandna, partner at Greylock Partners; Gerhard Eschelbeck, vice president of security and privacy engineering at Google; Niloofar Razi Howe, senior vice president and chief strategy officer, RSA Corporate; Patrick Heim, head of trust and security at DropBox; and Paul Kocher, president and chief scientist of Cryptography Research division at Rambus.
Additional information about “RSAC Most Innovative Startup 2017” and Innovation Sandbox Contest can be found at: https://www.rsaconference.com/events/us17/agenda/innovation-sandbox-contest.

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