Enveil is a pioneering data security company protecting Data in Use. 

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There's a void in your data protection. We eliminate it.


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We close the last gap in data security.

Imagine being able to analyze, search, and perform calculations on sensitive data without ever decrypting anything, eliminating the risks of theft or incidental exposure. What was once only theoretical is now possible, with Enveil. 

Enveil's revolutionary ZeroReveal™ solutions close the last gap in data security by protecting data while it's being used – the 'holy grail' of data encryption. We are the first-and-only commercial solution to ensure this full lifestyle security at scale, achieving previously impossible levels of data security. 


Never Decrypt. 

Extracting value from data by performing actions such as search and analytics has historically required decryption, creating critical points of exposure. It's far too easy to assume current security practices already have this covered. They don't. 

We use homomorphic encryption techniques to solve this problem in a way no one else can. Whether you're performing searches or analytics on data you own, seeking information from a third-party data provider, or driving revenue by securely monetizing your data assets, Enveil ensures nothing is ever revealed during the entire processing lifecycle. 

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We’re revolutionizing Data Security – and the industry is taking notice.


Featured Impact Report from 451 Research

"The challenge of encryption is that, at some point, data must be decrypted in order to be used. Startup Enveil believes it has an answer to the encryption-in-use problem. Its ZeroReveal Compute allows searches or analytics to be performed on massive amounts of encrypted data without ever decrypting it."

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Our technology is backed by leading investors.


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