March 15, 2019

TechBeacon: 9 Disruptive Security Plays From RSAC 2019

Enveil’s homomorphic encryption capabilities for protecting Data in Use are included among the list of exceptionally disruptive technologies that promise to turn the tide in cybersecurity.

Excerpt: Protecting data in use

"Encryption is wonderful for protecting data, but it has always had an Achilles' heel: You need to decrypt data to do anything with them, and thus they become vulnerable at that point in time.

Encryption can secure data at rest and data in motion, but Enveil has figured out how to protect data in use as well.

Enveil leverages homomorphic encryption, a mathematics-heavy technique that allows processing of encrypted data while leaving it in its encrypted form.

Homomorphic encryption has been an academic curiosity for a number of years now. Enveil's core innovation is making it practical and scalable.

Enveil's technology is of particular interest among data aggregators, since the technology allows users to perform both simple and complex searches on encrypted data without the need to decrypt them. This protects the security of the information while simultaneously allowing users to extract value from it."

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