May 19, 2020

TAG Cyber: What 4 Women Cyber Security Executives Say About Leadership

Enveil CEO Ellison Anne Williams was interviewed for this TAG Cyber article on female leadership at C-levels in the cybersecurity industry.

Excerpt from the article:

Nonetheless, there are tangible challenges even when a strong woman decides to pursue her dream of becoming a CEO. Natali Tshuva pointed to the numbers; most venture capital is given to men, and cyber security is a start-up and acquisition culture. Thus, a woman who wants to lead a cyber security company is up against higher hurdles in fund raising.

[Ellison Anne] Williams agrees that there are risks but says she was able to achieve her position as CEO by “staying focused on the work I am passionate about and where I am confident I can make a substantial difference.” She advises that women “can’t blaze a trail without first planting the flag through the substance of your own accomplishments.”

Read the full TAG Cyber article.

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