February 16, 2022

Intelligence Community News: Enveil and Terradepth announce partnership

Collaboration extends secure and private data usage to the oceanographic edge


"On February 15, Fulton, MD-based Enveil and Austin, TX-based Terradepth announced a partnership and product integration to expand secure and private data usage and access at the edge. This capability transforms the way ocean data can be leveraged for sensitive business and mission applications including secure maritime domain awareness and mission planning, the companies said.

Oceanographic data itself is a national and commercial asset and numerous industries, including oil & gas, national security, and telecommunications rely on its content and accuracy. Bringing together Enveil’s ZeroReveal® capabilities and Terradepth’s oceanographic data holdings, the partnership allows organizations to access and utilize previously restricted datasets without revealing their interest or intent.

'Our aim is to positively change the way humans experience the ocean and this partnership accelerates that effort by allowing ocean data to be leveraged in new and innovative ways,' said Joe Wolfel, Co-CEO of Terradepth. 'We’re very excited to be working with Enveil to expand secure and private ocean data usage and enable exploration of the maritime environment.'"

Read the full article at Intelligence Community News.

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