June 5, 2019

Enveil and Novetta Partner to Deliver Secure Data Processing at the Tactical Edge

Strategic partnership and technology integration unlocks field-ready capabilities for mission-critical applications in the government market

Washington, D.C., June 5, 2019Enveil, the pioneering data security company protecting Data in Use, and Novetta, a leader in advanced analytics technology, today announced a strategic partnership and technology integration to enable trusted compute at the tactical edge. The collaboration pairs Enveil’s ZeroReveal™ technology with Novetta’s tailored machine learning models to deliver unmatched capabilities for government customers whose mission requires operating on sensitive data in hostile or untrusted environments.

Building on their unique national security heritage and mission experience, Novetta and Enveil are exceptionally positioned to deliver capabilities in support of the nation’s highest priority challenges. As a result of the collaboration, customers will be able to push many of their sensitive workloads closer to the tactical edge, benefiting from Novetta’s mission-focused analytic workflows and Enveil’s nation-state level of processing layer protection.

Powered by homomorphic encryption, Enveil allows encrypted watchlists with mission-sensitive indicators to be deployed at the tactical edge, enabling trusted compute in untrusted locations by ensuring that neither the operation nor the results are ever revealed in the untrusted domain. This changes the security paradigm by empowering analysts and operators to securely and efficiently share, search, and alert on mission-sensitive or classified data between theater- and field-level mission elements to significantly reduce operational risk.

Novetta’s data enrichment and PED capabilities ensure that the returned results are delivered in the context required for substantial mission impact.

“Our partnership with Enveil will allow us to integrate cutting edge security technologies into our customers’ most sensitive mission sets. Deploying Novetta’s big data and machine learning capabilities with Enveil’s homomorphic encryption solution at the edge will revolutionize tactical workloads we support today."

Tiffanny Gates
Novetta President and CEO

Enveil’s ZeroReveal™ solutions are the only Data in Use security products to achieve the NIAP Common Criteria and CSfC (Commercial Solutions for Classified) independent certifications. The collaboration is part of Enveil’s Technology Alliance Program aimed at extending Data in Use security protections across the industry to complete the Data Security Triad.

“We are proud to be working alongside Novetta to solve a mission objective currently addressed through workarounds that require significant time and resources, a luxury that can rarely be afforded at the tactical edge. By keeping sensitive indicators encrypted throughout the processing lifecycle, Enveil ZeroReveal allows sensitive data to be securely processed at the point of collection, extending the boundary of trusted compute and accelerating an analyst’s ability to turn raw inputs into actionable intelligence.”

Ellison Anne Williams
Founder and CEO of Enveil

Enveil and Novetta will be demonstrating their secure edge processing integration on the AWS Snowball Edge at the AWS Public Sector Summit, taking place June 11-12, 2019 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

To learn more, visit enveil.com or www.novetta.com. 


About Enveil

Enveil is a pioneering data security company protecting Data in Use. Performing actions such as search and analytics have historically required decryption, creating points of exposure. Enveil’s Never Decrypt computation capability closes this last gap in data security by protecting data while it’s being used or processed. Enveil allows enterprises to securely operate on data in the Cloud, on prem, or anywhere in between. Founded by U.S. Intelligence Community alumni with backgrounds in mathematics, algorithmics, and machine learning, Enveil is revolutionizing data security by addressing a Data in Use vulnerability that people have been chasing for more than 20 years. Learn more at enveil.com.

About Novetta

Novetta specializes in advanced analytics solutions that extract clarity from complex data, delivering actionable intelligence at speed and scale to address challenges of national and global significance. Focused on mission success, Novetta has pioneered disruptive technologies in data analytics, full-spectrum cyber, media analytics, and multi-INT fusion for Defense, Intelligence Community, and Federal Law Enforcement customers. Novetta is headquartered in McLean, VA with over 900 employees across the U.S. Visit www.novetta.com for more information.

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