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May 10, 2024

Computing Security: European Commission drives support for AI innovation

Enveil CEO Ellison Anne Williams highlights how the policy efforts in the EU are positively impacting AI technological advancement.


It is timely and encouraging to see that the European Commission has recently set up an AI office to enforce new rules on artificial intelligence systems and support innovation in AI, as part of a package of broader measures to assist those most in need of support.

Equally importantly, the establishment of the AI Office signifies a clear commitment to ensuring that AI advances closely align with ethical principles, says Dr. Ellison Anne Williams, CEO and founder of cyber security and data privacy company Enveil.

"The EU's initiative represents the decisive action needed to drive this technological advancement. Similar to the White House Executive Order on AI and recent actions by the G7, these efforts will help address risks, uphold privacy, and prioritize security in the development and utilization of AI technologies. "

This leadership includes promoting Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), a family of technologies that exemplify a proactive approach to safeguarding data privacy and security, while leveraging the benefits of AI. The global recognition of the importance of PETs, and its support for entrepreneurs and startups in driving innovation forward, is commendable."

See full article here.

Computing Security | Computing Security: European Commission drives support for AI innovation | Enveil | Encrypted Veil
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