May 18, 2020

Captivated Audience Podcast: Dr. Ellison Anne Williams

Enveil’s founder and CEO was a featured guest on the Captivated Audience Podcast where she discussed homomorphic encryption and its use in the detection and prevention of financial crime as well as cross-jurisdictional data sharing.

Dr. Ellison Anne Williams, CEO and Founder, Enveil (Washington D.C.) on the securing of data in use, the data security triad, the "holy grail" of cryptography - homomorphic encryption, how it works, its use for securely sharing data for the detection and prevention of financial crime, the potential for cross-jurisdictional information sharing while still protecting personal information, sweeping the 2019 AML TechSprint co-hosted by the UK and USA regulators and dispelling the dreaded "black box" concern of regulators around how AML/CFT RegTech works.

Listen to the full episode.

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Enveil is a pioneering Privacy Enhancing Technology company protecting Data in Use. Enveil’s business-enabling and privacy-preserving capabilities for secure usage, collaboration, and monetization protect data while it's being used or processed – the 'holy grail' of data encryption. Defining the transformative category of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), Enveil’s homomorphic encryption-powered ZeroReveal® solutions allow organizations to securely derive insights, cross-match, search, and analyze data assets without ever revealing the contents of the search itself or compromising the security or ownership of the underlying data.
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