Enveil’s ZeroReveal™ products protect Data in Use, ensuring that nothing is ever revealed during the entire processing lifecycle.

ZeroReveal™ Compute Fabric  |  ZeroReveal™ Search

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ZeroReveal™ Compute Fabric

Providing the foundation for a suite of ZeroReveal™ solutions, Enveil’s ZeroReveal™ Compute Fabric is a two-party platform consisting of the ZeroReveal™ Client application, which lives within the enterprise, and the ZeroReveal™ Server application, deployed wherever the data resides. Requiring no changes to the underlying architecture or storage technologies, it works seamlessly alongside an organization’s existing protections via standard APIs to ensure data remains secure throughout the processing lifecycle.


Never Decrypt 
Perform operations on data such as searches and analytics without ever decrypting anything – on-prem, in the cloud, in a third-party data location, or anywhere in between.

Full Lifecycle Security at Scale
The content of the interaction, the results, and the data itself are always protected so users can interact with data at scale in a completely private and secure manner, opening the door to untapped opportunities.


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