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February 9, 2021

Encrypted Economy Podcast: Ellison Anne Williams

Enveil Founder and CEO Ellison Anne Williams joins The Encrypted Economy podcast to talk about how Privacy Enhancing Technologies are making entirely new things possible for business users.

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January 28, 2021

Extreme Uncertainty Podcast: Ellison Anne Williams

Enveil Founder and CEO Ellison Anne Williams joins the podcast hosts to talk about building a startup and creating a market, as well as her advice for fellow founders.

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November 11, 2020

Privacy Please Podcast: Ellison Anne Williams Interview

On this episode of Privacy Please, Enveil Founder and CEO Ellison Anne Williams talks about the early days of her career, how she started Enveil, and why privacy leaders need to understand Data in Use security.

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July 16, 2020

The Secure Communications Podcast: Ellison Anne Williams

On this episode of The Secure Communications Podcast, Enveil founder and CEO Dr. Ellison Anne Williams talks about her company's pioneering work in the field of homomorphic encryption, and how it is leading the charge in the category of Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

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Enveil is a pioneering Privacy Enhancing Technology company protecting Data in Use. Enveil’s business-enabling and privacy-preserving capabilities change the paradigm of how and where organizations can leverage data to unlock value. Defining the transformative category of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), Enveil’s award-winning ZeroReveal® solutions for secure data usage, sharing, collaboration, and monetization protect data while it's being used or processed. Customers can extract insights, cross-match, search, and analyze data assets at scale without ever revealing the content of the search itself, compromising the security or ownership of the underlying data, or exposing their interests and intent.
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