December 14, 2020

ISBuzz News: Cyber Security Predictions 2021

Enveil CEO Ellison Anne Williams predicts that 2021 will be the year in which businesses embrace a technology-enabled path to privacy.

Ellison Anne Williams prediction for 2021: Businesses embrace a technology-enabled path to privacy as a competitive differentiator.

"Shifting perceptions on privacy, the patchwork of regional compliance standards, as well as ongoing storylines such as Brexit and Privacy Shield have created a global regulatory landscape that is uncertain at best. Recognizing that broader clarity is unlikely to arrive in 2021, businesses will finally stop chasing regulations and embrace a more strategic and forward-thinking approach to privacy and compliance. Technical solutions, namely privacy-enhancing computation, will emerge as a foundational component of this approach, one that allows businesses to share and collaborate while respecting data privacy and regulatory barriers. This ability to perform business-enabling functions without increasing regulatory risk will give companies – especially those in highly regulated industries – a near-term market advantage as they are able to access and use third-party data in a manner not previously possible.” 

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