December 15, 2023

DataTribe: Cyber Trends and Predictions

Enveil CEO Ellison Anne Williams contributes her take on what to expect for cyber and AI in 2024


This report explores the top themes we saw this year and throughout the 2023 Challenge. We add to our perspective with forward-looking predictions from members of the DataTribe CISO Network and CEOs of our portfolio companies: all experts, all with different lenses on the vast domain that is cybersecurity.

Undoubtedly, 2023 was the year of AI in cybersecurity (and in everything else). Forty percent of the submissions to the DataTribe Challenge were AI-centered. That’s a massive increase and points toward a future in the next five years where AI-powered defenses will become the mainstream default. [...]

2024 Predictions from the DataTribe CISO Network and Portfolio Company CEOs

Managing AI Risk

“In 2024, organizations will recognize the need for Secure AI — and take meaningful steps to mitigate the risks associated with AI/ML capabilities.  This year proved we are firmly in the AI era. Driven by data, the impact these technologies have on our lives, businesses, and society at large will only continue to grow. But, we also affirmed that the benefits of AI capabilities are not without pitfalls. Over the past few months, we’ve seen global leaders, including the White House, CISA, and NCSC, release action-oriented directives aimed at recognizing and mitigating AI risk. Many of these guiding documents pointed toward adopting technology-powered solutions such as Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs). While PETs have been proven to unlock value for cross-silo data collaboration applications such as encrypted search, 2024 is the year the focus will extend to their applicability in the AI. When used for encrypted model training and evaluation, the Secure AI capabilities enabled by PETs allow users to unlock value from cross-silo data sources without increasing organizational risk, compromising sensitive data, or sacrificing our values — all factors that will be key to ensuring we can responsibly capitalize on the benefits of AI in the New Year” Ellison Anne Williams, Founder & CEO, Enveil

Read the full DataTribe report here.

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