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Secure Data Collaboration

Enveil enables secure and private data collaboration to enhance intelligence-led decision making. Enveil ZeroReveal® allows organizations to securely and repeatably search, cross match, and derive insights from third-party data repositories without revealing the contents of the search itself or compromising the security or ownership of the underlying data. Learn more: Unlocking the Power of Secure Data Collaboration

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Regulatory Compliance

Enveil’s ZeroReveal® Search reduces liability for companies processing datasets that include personal data or utilizing third-party data services that include personal data. By implementing ZeroReveal® Search, companies can achieve compliance without overhauling their current business practices and resources. Learn more: Compliance is the New Normal — It’s Time to Lock Down the Data


Secure Data Monetization

Enveil’s ZeroReveal® Search enables Data Owners to leverage existing data assets to create new revenue streams. With Enveil, businesses can respect the privacy of both the customers using the monetization service and the underlying data itself, enabling them to monetize existing data assets in a secure and ethical manner. At the same time, the search interests of the organizations utilizing the data service are also protected, ensuring that competitive advantage, IP, PII, interests, or intentions are never revealed. Learn more: Exploring Secure Data Monetization.

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Third-Party Risk

Enveil significantly reduces the risks associated with data handling controls as it ensures every third-party interaction is protected and encrypted throughout the entire processing lifecycle, making it an essential tool for third-party engagement. Learn more: Enveil Awarded Contract to Address Mission-Critical Supply Chain Needs


Trusted Compute at the Edge

Enveil ZeroReveal® is the first-and-only certified solution for performing secure searches, watchlisting, and analytics at the tactical and/or IoT edge. Enveil enables Trusted Compute in Untrusted Locations™ by ensuring that neither the operation nor the corresponding results are ever revealed in the untrusted domain. This unmatched security posture enables secure and efficient data sharing, collaboration, reporting, and alerting between elements while minimizing the time and resources required to turn raw inputs into actionable intelligence and insights. Learn more: Encrypting Data on the Internet Battlefield of Things


Secure Cloud Processing

Enveil’s Never Decrypt security posture allows organizations to process their most sensitive workloads and data in the Cloud, extending the boundary of the enterprise’s trusted compute. Users can securely operate on data in the Cloud, on prem, or anywhere in between. Learn more: Secure Data Collaboration for Sensitive Compute