January 25, 2019

SiliconRepublic: How a Holistic Approach to Data Can Make Monetization More Secure

Cybersecurity expert and Enveil CEO Dr. Ellison Anne Williams thinks organizations could be getting more from their data, while still keeping it safe.


Enveil helps regulated services stay secure

[Ellison Anne] Williams says that Enveil clients are most often highly regulated services such as healthcare and finance, but there are a range of use cases, which she succinctly described as a “stack”. She continued: “At the bottom of the stack you have use cases like compliance and regulation, helping organisations meet their compliance or regulatory requirements.”

Protection of the most sensitive data within an organisation or “crown-jewel data protection” is another key area for Enveil. Williams noted that reputational damage is something organisations are keen to avoid, particularly those that handle sensitive personal data.

She said that allowing data to be processed securely can make people more confident in their cloud migration plans. “We open up new places where people can securely process workloads that are sensitive to them,” she said, allowing for secure, encrypted access in a cloud environment, which is traditionally not a trusted environment.

The spectre of third-party risk

Williams added that third-party risk is a serious issue, particularly for health insurance firms, but allowing a third party to “process over” claims data “in a completely encrypted fashion” can give clients piece of mind and more control. This also allows for new revenue opportunities to be generated, but in a secure and private capacity.

She is well aware that most people and organisations view encryption as “a means to an end”, but stressed that they need to think about their data “holistically, throughout its life cycle”.

Read the full article at Silicon Republic.

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