November 28, 2017

Security Current Profile: Ellison Anne Williams, Enveil

Security Current


The company that Williams founded and now leads as CEO is called Enveil, which comes from “encrypted veil.” Enveil focuses on securing data in use when it’s being processed, such as for activities like searches or analytics, as opposed to locking it down on the file system, or as it moves through the network. At this writing, the company is just over a year old and has received at least $5 million in investment funding, but the technology itself is much older.

“We developed the core of this technology inside of the National Security Agency, where we spent a long time perfecting our approach to homomorphic encryption,” says Williams. “The agency has an official transfer program designed to allow technology that people developed inside of its walls to be commercialized. It’s a long process involving lots of equities reviews to determine the effect of releasing the technology. In our case we were able to own the technology completely, meaning we don’t license anything back.”

“Enveil is a data security company that answers the question, ‘how do you lock data down during its processing?’,” says Williams. “Companies will commonly encrypt their data at rest, and encrypt it as it moves around. But whenever it’s being processed, it’s typically been decrypted. Until now, there has been no way to process data in its encrypted state. Because we have the capability to do so, it positions us extremely uniquely in the cybersecurity world.”

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