Technical Account Manager / Presales SE

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Job Description:

  • Provide business, technical, and product knowledge in support of pre and post sales activities in order to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Address product related questions and technical challenges.
  • Integrate customer internal applications and systems with Enveil’s Data in Use encryption software, leveraging JDBC and Rest API integrations.
    • Key API integrations include: Key Management Systems (KMS), LDAP and / or Authentication and Access Control Systems, Database and at rest encryption solutions (Gemalto, Vormetric, Symantec Bluecoat, Microfocus, etc.).
  • Educate clients on how existing and new product features and functionality work, and how it can contribute to their business growth.
  • Monitor accounts to ensure usage of Enveil product stack and optimal performance.
  • Frequently conduct and coordinate tactical operations reviews with client teams.
  • Act as the middle-man to support and development organization so as to ensure client escalations are resolved.
  • Partner with Account Sales Development teams to build relationships with decision makers, business contacts, and influencers.
  • Accurately replicate, identify, and document software defects with appropriate tracking system.
  • Perform Business reviews and assist in product training needs.
  • Location flexible.

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