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Eliminate your GDPR liability and avoid millions in fines - Never Decrypt!

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Are you ready for GDPR D-Day on May 25, 2018? Two out of every five organizations are unprepared when it comes to GDPR compliance. Failure to fully comply can result in fines of 20 million Euros or 4% of annual global revenue. Companies need to eliminate their liability by prioritizing "secure by design” implementations to ensure that sensitive data is never exposed.

Enveil’s non-intrusive technology secures the full data lifecycle by never decrypting critical data. By implementing Enveil’s ZeroReveal™ Search, companies can reach compliance without overhauling current practices and resources.  

Because we can leave data encrypted and still process it in its encrypted state, even if something were leaked out during that processing cycle, the data is encrypted — it’s not considered a breach and doesn’t have to be reported — making Enveil an effective liability-reducing technology under GDPR.
— Ellison Anne Williams, Founder and CEO, Enveil