May 24, 2022

Cybernews: Best Data Protection Solutions

Enveil named a best data security solution for its protection of Data in Use


In our world where data has become a means of moving forward for most businesses, data protection is one of the most prominent concerns.

Businesses deal with data loss, breaches, and exfiltration every day. Average internet users may raise questions over where their personal information is stored and how it is used. Some may want to remove their presence from countless databases altogether. Luckily, there are answers to these problems.

Data security solutions may range from encryption, secure storage, and exfiltration prevention to personal information removal from databases and outright data destruction. Sometimes, a product may be all-in-one and include both data protection and elimination.

The abundance of such services may make it harder to choose, and this is where we step in. To make your data security journey a little easier, we made a list of the best data protection solutions on the market today.


Enveil is a privacy-enhancing technology company focused on providing solutions for the protection of data in use. Data in use defines any data that is being analyzed, cross-matched, searched, and used for insight derivation. Enveil’s products allow the handling of such data securely without revealing its contents or compromising security and privacy.

Enveil ensures the security and protection of data in use by using its two-party proxy layer software system. The products include a ZeroReveal Search which is a tool for secure searches on any data in any environment, without revealing the data or purpose of the search. The other product is ZeroReveal Machine Learning which allows businesses to use ML to effectively derive insights and analyze sensitive data across various boundaries while keeping it safe.

For those interested in learning more, Enveil offers an extensive FAQ section, a variety of events, and a dedicated news blog.

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Enveil is a pioneering Privacy Enhancing Technology company protecting Data in Use. Enveil’s business-enabling and privacy-preserving capabilities change the paradigm of how and where organizations can leverage data to unlock value. Defining the transformative category of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), Enveil’s award-winning ZeroReveal® solutions for secure data usage, sharing, collaboration, and monetization protect data while it's being used or processed. Customers can extract insights, cross-match, search, and analyze data assets at scale without ever revealing the content of the search itself, compromising the security or ownership of the underlying data, or exposing their interests and intent.
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