Eliminate your weakest link in data protection - Never Decrypt!

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The weakest link for data protection is the requirement that data be decrypted in order to be used, leaving it vulnerable and at risk for compromise by adversaries breaking through porous perimeter security tools.

Give data the protection it needs with Enveil’s groundbreaking ZeroReveal™ compute capabilities.

Enveil locks down the security of your Data in Use by never decrypting the operations or the data –  ensuring your data is protected at all times.


Crown Jewel Data Protection

Some datasets are more valuable than others and organizations must ensure that their most sensitive data is protected at all times. Enveil’s ZeroReveal™ Compute Fabric eliminates risk of exposure by never decrypting your organization’s Crown Jewel data during processing.



Secure Cloud Processing

Enveil’s Never Decrypt security posture allows you to process your most sensitive workloads and data to the Cloud, extending the boundary of the enterprise’s trusted compute. Users can securely operate on both encrypted and unencrypted data in the Cloud, on prem, or anywhere in between.




Enveil named a winner at the
2017 RSA Innovation Sandbox

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Why Enveil For Data Protection?



First-and-only data security platform that allows data to be used while encrypted and therefore concealed.

Perform sensitive searches to increase monetization potential, protect interests, and address privacy concerns. 



Enveil is the only product that eliminates the Data in Use weak link, giving you a competitive advantage.

Migrate sensitive workloads to the Cloud and extend the boundary of the enterprise’s trusted compute.



Achieve end-to-end protection and reduce risk by securing the full data lifecycle.  

Ensure compliance and reduce liability for GDPR without overhauling current practices and resources.


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