November 28, 2019

ComputerWeekly: Get ready for CCPA — Implications for UK businesses

Enveil CEO Ellison Anne Williams weighs in on how the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will impact businesses.


The CCPA is not the only state-level privacy law that is coming into effect, with Washington and Oregon both developing their own versions of the act. These state-level data protection laws could lead to a legislative minefield, with potentially conflicting requirements between the different state laws.

“It is rarely realistic for enterprises to segment their internal data use by region, so the default is often to set up standard procedures that adhere to the most restrictive regulation,” says Ellison Anne Williams, founder and CEO of Enveil. “One of the advantages of a broad regulation enacted at the federal level is that it provides consistency for companies operating in the space.”

Read the full article at ComputerWeekly.

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